Marvin Aping [English Version]

„Health is an intelligent infinity of harmony in the human spirit,

body and mentality, while a healer is only an intermediary,

catalyser for that entirely individual process”

Hoppi Indians



                                                                          SPIRITUAL HEALING

                                                                          BY FILIPINO HEALER

                                                                              MARVIN APING



The Rules of Nature make us come to this world and pass away, however not necessarily keep being sick or, which is even worse, stick to our painful condition of health. We are left free to deal with our diseases ourselves. The Rules of Nature will always win but we may negotiate our health conditions…

The Filipino spiritual healing is called a magic or even wonderworking. These are very old Indian techniques enriched with the Filipino methods. Who is Marvin Aping and what does his phenomenal energetic therapy consist in? Many years of work and experience, and first of all, his inborn supernatural energy that people really feel after visiting him when leaving relaxed and younger, make Marvin Aping be one of those rare healers who are able to help the people in need. For 20 years now he has been living in Poland where to the  patients come for his amazing help from neighbouring and remote parts of Europe.

Thanks to his ancient knowledge, experience and intuition – inherited in his family from one generation to another – his therapeutic energy is effective in treatment of neurosis, spinalgia, problems with thyroid gland, internal organs (like liver, pancreas, intestines), in gynaecological and android diseases as well as in migraines and depressive conditions.

If his energy turns out to be insufficient for an individual immunological system to overcome a disease, Marvin Aping uses his non-invasive, non-scalpel techniques to remove an energetic tumor; he removes its negative energy, cuts off energetic roots of tumor and thus deprives the same of its power to grow. There are no traces of such an operation afterwards except a tiny rose-coloured spot that disappears soon.


This phenomenon remains unexplained for how can you explain the spiritual aspects with your material means?!

                                       And effectiveness of this phenomenon is still tremendous!



I will organize the annual holidays in Philippines from December to May for groups of 3 – 7 persons in health related prurposes.